Love what you do.

To be able to love the work you do, and the people that you do it with is rare and special. I have been lucky enough to go from one great organisation which is changing peoples lives, to another great organisation which is also dramatically impacting millions of people, just in a very different way. I have just spent the last week over in San Francisco at the Yammer head office. The Enterprise Social Network that is changing the face of businesses. They are bringing together some of the sharpest minds in the world and creating a powerful tool in a very unique manner. And people genuinely love what they do.  It is something fun, exciting and challenging to be part of.

An article published online this week showed photos of an after hours tour inside the Yammer head office and a video of the infamous deployment routine that happens every Friday night – something which depicts and defines the Yammer culture. Innovative, efficient and memorable.

Out of longstanding tradition based on superstition, the team blasts Europe’s “The Final Countdown” over the stereo for the entire deployment process. As the code base has grown, deploys have taken longer — they can last up to an hour. So they’ve created a “Final Countdown” playlist with versions in every imaginable language, remix, and cover.

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