Why wearing lycra with the work crowd is a good idea.

I like to be outdoors. I like fresh air. And I like to bond with my work pals. As much as I like to share a beer or glass of vino with colleagues and business partners sometimes I think it is good to mix it up and do some bonding over exercise.

5 reasons why I wear lycra with the work crowd:

1.  People let down their guard and remember it the next day.

2.  You earn respect that does not tarnish your professional reputation.

3.  Once people see you in your running gear you don’t worry so much about what you wear to work.

4.  If there is an awkward moment you just focus on running or riding or boxing. Superb.

5.  You actually wake up feeling good the next day.

Strong and real relationships are founded when you share a bit of exercise in the outdoors. I can vouch for that. And a good career needs good working relationships. So time to get networking in lycra.

One thought on “Why wearing lycra with the work crowd is a good idea.

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