And the infographic says…. today is a good day online

Ah infographic. I wish to publicly declare my love for you.

The way you visually represent stats and pump life into data that would look so boring in excel or powerpoint is admirable.

And if there are things to click on, scroll over, flip and expand that is even better.

So check out this infographic. It shows the state of the internet – the growth, the reach, the income, the trends…. and was produced by our friends over at Online Schools .

Little snippets of info include:

  • 71% of the people in developed countries are online, only 21% of those in developing countries have access so far
  • The internet is a legal right in countries like Finland, Spain and Estonia. Countries like Egypt and Turkmenistan on the contrary are Internet black-holes, where online access if highly censored.
As I said above dot points just don’t do information justice these days, so pop below and click, scroll, expand and flip to your hearts content (there is even an internet mood poll – which tells us today is a good day online… phew).

State of the Internet 2011
Created by: Online Schools