Yep. Agree. Absolute poverty is bad.

Last week our whole office was lucky enough to listen to Peter Singer over lunch. An Australian philosopher and ethicist from way back (check out his Wikipedia bio to get the full background – he has strong and often controversial views on issues such as abortion and euthanasia).

But one point that Peter Singer makes that you can not argue with is his view on eliminating poverty:

“If we can prevent something bad without sacrificing anything of comparable significance, we ought to do it; absolute poverty is bad.”

You could hop onto amazon and buy his latest book The Life  You Can Save or you could just watch the youtube video below – The Life You Can Save in 3 minutes. Powerful stuff.

World Vision Old Spice Ad

Everyone has seen the ‘original’ series of old spice ads – now chocking up over 16 million views. Not bad for a guy who smells like Grandma’s Christmas biscuits.

World Vision pounced and last week released their own version. A little cringe worthy. Put on a shirt is the first thought that came to mind. But impressive all the same to see a religiously founded NGO reproduce a viral man-spray video, and get their CEO to take his shirt off. The jury is still out on whether they received an increase in donations, but with now over 26,000 views and no media investment it is a online success in the non-profit arena. Hats off to Tim and World Vision for ignoring the red tape that often prevents immediate campaigns such as this.

Does this make you want to donate? (or just give Tim a gym membership?)