Yammer on Tour Melbourne

A fantastic event held at Crown on Thursday 29th March.

The afternoon kicked off with a keynote presentation from Simon Terry, CEO, HICAPS at NAB. He showed screen grabs of their internal NAB Yammer network, and the slides he chose to share were actually crowdsourced on Yammer itself. Awesomely admirable. A well stocked panel discussion followed including Pete Williams, CEO Deloitte Digital, Bernie Sheehan, Digital Skills Development Manager at the ABC, and Annabel Rees, Head of People, OAMPS. The best way to sum it up was with sharing the live discussion that occurred during the event.

So this was Yammer on Tour Melbourne…

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    Stop, Yammer time! #yamtour http://instagr.am/p/IvimYakP69/
    Thu, Mar 29 2012 00:25:54
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    #yamtour @yammer Yammer on tour in Melbourne is teaching me a lot http://pic.twitter.com/YCFCXSeq
    Thu, Mar 29 2012 01:10:45
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    Breaking down the hierarchy – post your change on Yammer and start the conversation #yamtour
    Thu, Mar 29 2012 00:53:56
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    1 Like the way @yammer facilitates connections & collabn & can help tap into wealth of org or group knowledge. #yamtour (MT @davidahood)
    Thu, Mar 29 2012 00:59:56
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    Great demo by @rosshill at melb #yamtour http://lockerz.com/s/196632263
    Thu, Mar 29 2012 01:00:59
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    Some great insights from Simon Terry from @NAB on the world of @yammer in the bank. #yamtour http://pic.twitter.com/1e6ZZ6Xr
    Thu, Mar 29 2012 01:05:19
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    “there’s no PR or comms spin happening in our Yammer network…people are engaged because they want to be” Simon Terry, NAB #yamtour
    Thu, Mar 29 2012 01:18:11
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    Great event by Yammer. Makes me all excited this innovation/collaboration stuff… #yamtour http://pic.twitter.com/ViKKcbeE
    Thu, Mar 29 2012 02:22:07
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    Terrific and innovative uses of Yammer being shared by the #yamtour panel. Deloitte Digital built their own Foursquare with the #yammer API
    Thu, Mar 29 2012 01:38:13
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    RT @tloh Take a large complex org and give them one place where they can all connect – on @yammer #yamtour #collaboration #staffengagement
    Thu, Mar 29 2012 01:21:01
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    Knowledge management in @yammer means getting access to the knowledge inside all our heads, says @rexster at #yamtour
    Thu, Mar 29 2012 01:36:19
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    “No “yammer nightmare” in over 4 years as network is “self moderating” via @bernie_sheehan at #abc #yamtour
    Thu, Mar 29 2012 01:42:05
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    The #yamtour Twitter control tower feat @bryonycole & @sarfos http://twitpic.com/92pffg
    Thu, Mar 29 2012 01:43:37
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    Yammer is a great training ground for external social media says @bernie_sheehan from ABC #yamtour
    Thu, Mar 29 2012 01:47:37
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    #yamtour love that we are all using twitter to have our own #yamjam 🙂
    Thu, Mar 29 2012 01:48:20
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    “For overall ESN growth, focus on incorporating #Yammer in all training programs”. @bernie_sheehan #yamtour
    Thu, Mar 29 2012 01:48:24
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    “@Yammer: What is Yammer? “It’s like a room full of mentors” Says Simon Terry of NAB #yamtour” #yam
    Thu, Mar 29 2012 01:56:34
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    Comms with #abc team using a @yammer group led to 30% less email and exemplary performance. Great insight from @Bernie_sheehan #yamtour
    Thu, Mar 29 2012 02:00:14
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    RT @BrianMurray333: Samezies before the #yamtour with @matthewpartovi and @lukemccormack http://instagr.am/p/Iv6SADlw5f/
    Thu, Mar 29 2012 03:53:09
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    RT @Yammer: Yammer now has over 4 million users in over 150 countries and 20 languages. #yamtour
    Thu, Mar 29 2012 07:46:24
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    Thanks Aussie @yammer crew for hosting such an excellent afternoon. Great tips for use & strategy for implementation. V practical. #yamtour
    Thu, Mar 29 2012 04:08:04
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    RT @sarfos: Oops with pic 🙂 RT @sarfos: Time for a YamJuice post-Melb #yamtour with @rosshill @sarahmoran @juleshughan http://lockerz.com/s/196653764
    Thu, Mar 29 2012 16:55:39
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    overview text analytics #yamtour Melbourne http://lockerz.com/s/196933117
    Fri, Mar 30 2012 03:40:43

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