Mental palate preparation.

The power of the mind is amazing. We all know that. But usually it is in reference to things like healing, athletic ability, telepathy or deja-vu. But it is also overwhelming powerful at preparing the palate for food. As old Pavlov’s dogs will attest – when we know something tasty is on the way, we salivate. We mentally prepare our tastebuds for the sweet refreshing sensation of pineapple. And when we take that first bite and discover that it is instead a triangle of cheddar cheese. Our tastebuds retract in horror. Even though usually they actually quite enjoy a chunk of cheese. It is all about expectations and what our mind has prepared us for.

The cheese incident is a true story and happened last night as I was about to enjoy a Martini. My good friend Luke also was all set to eat a green glazed cherry that turned out to be a pickled onion. Talk about the mind playing tricks and a shock and a half. Or maybe we should just not have ordered Australian vegemite martinis in the first place.

*This photo is THE Martini from last night – who would guess that was cheese and an onion? Definitely pineapple and a cherry… yes?

I also had a similar instance when I was younger. I remember my mum picking me up and passing me a water bottle which I thought was full of water. Being a thirsty child I chugged back the water. Which turned out to be lumpy. And sweet. I spat it out. It was disgusting. But the worst shock came when I found out what it actually was. A nice cold pre-mixed bottle of Milo. What a lovely Mother. And I loved Milo. But because my pre-emptive controlling taste buds were only prepping themselves for water, they retorted at the thought of Milo. So strange. The amazing power of the mind. Important not to forget what our mind can control.


For the month of March I am writing a blog post every day as part of #b03. Thanks to Steve for the challenge.

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