The power of the lazy me.

I slept in this morning. It was too dark and rainy and cold looking outside (although it was actually hot…) and well I was just plain lazy. So when my alarm went of at 6am I turned it off and planned to roll over and go back to sleep. But that didn’t happen. I kept thinking – “I should go. Get up. I don’t want to go. I should go. Get up. I don’t want to go.” You get the idea. A little internal monologue that goes around in circles. Next thing I know it was 7am, so naturally I turned on my computer, checked my email and made a cup of tea.

Usually my motivational voice wins and I get out of bed. Go for a run or swim or to the gym. Come home, pat myself on the back, feel pumped for the day and really enjoy breakfast and a coffee.

So why is it that even when we know the rewards are great, we still can’t snap our lazy selves out of bed? No injuries, not sick, not particularly tired… just lazy. Where is the logic in that. When we know that the benefits greatly out way the costs but we continue to lie still and pretend to be fast asleep. Not logical. Not results driven. Just stubborn. We then have that smug, guilty niggle that proudly sits on our shoulder all day.

Sometimes the power of the lazy me is just too strong. 

After 9 hours of self motivation and internal pep talking. I ended up running after work. In a thunderstorm. And it felt great. But man I hope the lazy me quietens down. Self-motivation can be draining.


For the month of March I am writing a blog post every day as part of #b03. Thanks to Steve for the challenge.

One thought on “The power of the lazy me.

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