The beauty (and regret…) of a stereotype

I like things with character. A tad crooked, a touch mismatch, a little out of the ordinary or a cause for surprise. I like people who break stereotypes and public thank yous for tray mats. Yep. Strange hey. But that’s what Virgin Australia have done. A brand that regularly breaks the mould and sparks character throughout their communications.

On my flight to San Francisco today, I found this unique, intriguing and chuckle worthy and so wanted to share it with you (click it & you should be able to read it).

I also feel ashamed that I purchased a starbucks coffee (no capital ‘S’ intentional – undeserving)… an overnight flight from Melbourne and a four hour stop over in LA. It was an emergency. Without wanting to I am already conforming to the American stereotype. Devastated Sarah feeding the beast 😦

So to help get it off my chest I needed to share that with you too.




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