Time travel: Tripping with Buddies.

As part of #b03 I have signed my March away to blogging every day. And as a little jet setter I am now in a pickle. If I am about to get on a plane to San Francisco and essentially have Saturday twice, do I blog before I go on the ‘real’ Saturday or when I land? And what should I do when I come back and completely lose a Sunday. Do the ultimate faux-pas and set my post to go live while I am sitting in the air sipping champagne (I wish! I will be kicking it with the plebs in cattle class) or fail and miss a day? Confusing.

So while this whirlwind was happening in my head I decided that I would post two great tools that I am using to solve my pickle and make sure I am on time for my flights.

World time buddy

A superb site, with a simple interface that shows & compares times all around the world. A new best buddy for international phone calls and trying to figure out when you should blog. Pop over to World Time Buddy.



A site that wraps up all your travel arrangements into a nice little package and delivers them straight to your phone. Once you have set up your account all you have to do is forward your itineraries to plans@tripit.com and shebang inputs your flight, reservation number and seat number all into the app. It even links your hotel reservations with the flights and then shows directions from the airport to your hotel. Amazing. It is so great that I don’t want to think about it too much incase it stops working. Trip out over Tripit.


Happy travels.

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