UN Conference coming to Melbourne.

Every year all the NGO’s and the lovely people over at the UN sit down to discuss how we can make the world a better place… by doing things like eradicating extreme poverty and hunger. This year, it will be in Melbourne. Hip hip hooray.

And I will be there.

Using what we all love to define as ‘social media’ to get the word from the small conference circle out to the masses.


This year is the 63rd UN  NGO Conference, it goes for 3 days and the discussions will be focussed on advancing global health and achieving the Millennium Development Goals (MDG’s). Back in 2000 development goals were set to be achieved by 2015. This year we will check in to see how ye ‘old world is travelling to meet these MDG’s.

I will also be looking at how we can use the online space to engage a community that would otherwise not be involved in the conference. It is not until August – so the ideas are still brewing…

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