Playing words with real friends.

I am a bit of a geek. I love word games. Like millions of other people I got slightly addicted to words with friends. I love that it is an app that doesn’t rot brain cells (read: angry birds) and something you can whip out whenever you have a dull moment – train, dentist waiting room, over a coffee. But lately I have played more of the app type of word game rather than the real life ones. And tonight I got a lovely reminder.

Real life games are fun.

I had forgotten how much better trying to make words out of a random batch of letters is when you are with others and not flying solo squinting at your phone. It is hard to beat sitting around the table with friends and family, feeling content after a good meal and a couple of glasses of red and playing some competitive scrabble. The sort of board game competitiveness that can only come out in a crowd that you know well. Swearing over a Q, three A’s in a row or trying to get away with LOL as a word. It is a chance to get some of the real life connectedness that too often gets missed these days.

Apps are great, but so are dinner parties and board games. Put down the phone and play word games with real friends. Anyway the app practise pays off and people actually get to see you win. If old school connection doesn’t draw you in, surely winning in front of the home crowd does.