A card of sincerity…

As I sit here writing my blog (which has just taken a dramatic topical turn), my partner is attempting to write a card for the wedding we are attending this afternoon.

He wants to write something that sounds, and is sincere. For weddings I find this difficult. The typical lines slot their way into the heart felt card, which manages to remove all sincerity:

You make a beautiful couple.

Thank you for choosing to share your wedding day with us.

We are so excited to be part of your special day.

You certainly have luck on your side with the perfect weather… not that you need it!

Here’s cheers to a fabulous future.

Blah blah blah.


Even if you do really mean the words within these corny lines, they devalue themselves as they have been overworked. Maybe I have just attempted to write too many wedding cards lately.

I have never been on the receiving end of the wedding card train, but if I feel like this writing the card, I can only imagine the monotony of having to read it 100 times over. I do not intend to be a cynical unwed lass, I just like things that are unique, from the heart and with character. And it is difficult to capture that in the congratulations-on-your-wedding spiel.  A home-made card usually  helps tone it down… but today we left our run a little late.  Maybe instead we can whip up a wedding rap or something… time to work on the card. We have to earn the afternoon at the winery. Yeehaa.