Make up your own mind.

Tonight I ate a mullet. Apparently the worst fish in the whole sea. AND it was amazing.

My brother caught it off the beach this afternoon. He is a clever fisherman and a clever cook and I am glad that we didn’t listen to the rumours on the sand and on the internet. They all said that mullet sucks. Tonight we proved them wrong. We also ate an amazing meal. We (I am cashing in on this, but it was mainly my brother) fried the big mullet, chopped it, mixed it with spring onions, vietnamese mint, chilli and lime and then wrapped it in betel leaf. All of the aforementioned ingredients were from his communal garden. (He is a pretty great guy). And then we ate it. We could have been sitting in Longrain. But instead were sitting in his Bondi apartment eating a homemade meal of mullet with a fine glass of red. Superb.

It might make professional fishermen and chefs cringe, but sometimes the majority are wrong. It is good when you are the black sheep and make up your own mind.

This afternoon a good friend of mine made the observation that everyone in my family is, by default, happy and positive. I had never thought of my default state before. But I like that. Naturally upbeat and positive. I am going to try and hold on to that characteristic. There is a little bit of good in everyone and everything. Sometimes we forget that and just listen to people when they say things are bad and mullet sucks. Instead make up your own mind and look for the good stuff. It tastes great.