Why moving back in with the parents is a great thing.

It now seems to be one of those things. That today’s generation are moving out of home later and later. And when they finally do – they often come back. Four of my good friends, all 29, are currently living with their parents. All for various reasons, and some of them for no particular reason at all. Just because. I am not one to judge as over the past 7 years since I moved out of home the first time round, I have had numerous stints back in the nest. But I am glad that I have a reason to be living the good life and kicking it with the oldies.

So I wanted to share 5 great reasons why parents make the best house mates:

1. Good conversation over dinner

I love to have a good chat. Not only a gossip over a cup of tea but also that quality, real world debate around the dinner table. Living with the parents at an age where you can participate, have an opinion and actually know how to fully express your ideas means you can really enjoy polishing off the bottles of red with mum and dad. Which takes me to my next point…

2. Refining the palette 

No cheap and nasty vino in the house. Always a good bottle opened, often pre-2002. Who does’t want to come home to nice wine? Can’t argue with that.

3. Responsible house mates

No dirty dishes left till morning. Take it in turns to do the food shopping. Everything is shared and everything gets replaced. There is less of the child-parent thing and more of the general understanding and appreciation for each others company thing .

4. Fresh sour dough bread

Now this one is a winner. My dad has bread making in his blood. Although sometimes a little bit of a stressful process – looking after the base, the double rise, the 6am knead, abusing the oven settings… it is all worth it when you get fresh sour dough with vegemite for breakfast. Hard to beat really.

5. Great relationship

Family are important. We all know that. And as you get older, quality time with the parents is sometime hard to find. Sometimes an opportunity to move back home is a great thing. A chance to reconnect on the small day-to-day things in your life, not just the big ticket news-worthy items. A chance to actually see just how similar you are to you mum and dad and often why you turned out just the way you did.

People often cringe when I say I have moved back home. But I think I am lucky. Not only lucky to have great parents that want me, and my partner of 5 years around. But also lucky to have a chance to connect with them as adults and as friends. If you buy a house, that needs a little love and renovation, then you should try it too.

For the month of March I am writing a blog post every day as part of #b03. Thanks to Steve for the challenge.