One day in the life of the world: The 11 Eleven Project

Would it be possible to document one day in the life of the world?

Not just my day, or your day, but a day in the world. It almost makes my brain hurt. Imagine capturing every culture, every language, every religion, every taste, every smell, every conversation, every argument, every journey, and every sneeze. All in a nice little package. An undeniably big task and perhaps an insurmountable challenge, but how amazing would it be? And that is just what The 11 Eleven Project is attempting to do.


When the ones align, there is one chance, to document one day, in the life of one world.

The 11 Eleven Project will commemorate the 11/11/11 by collecting and collating footage from all over the world. For 24 hours, anyone who has access to a film, video or digital camera, microphone, mobile, or email is asked to create a day in the life of their world and send their footage in. This will then be edited into a documentary, a music album, a photo story, an iphone app and an online resource. A story will be told about what happened in the world on the 11/11/11 and you can be part of it.

The perfect use of digital technology and the internet.

Bridging the geographical, cultural, ethnic and religious boundaries to document, realise and celebrate our similarities and our differences and to find out what unites us as human beings.

Happy snap your way through the 11th November and support this collaborative project. Your sneeze could make the final cut.

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