Commitment, community & generosity change a girl’s life. And all in one week.

On Monday this week I handed in an essay for my Masters. The topic was on the importance of gender and the education of women in development. On Tuesday a friend of mine asked me to participate in One Girl’s campaign, Do It In A Dress. On Wednesday I committed to running the Sydney Marathon in a school dress (on my 30th Birthday).  On Thursday my lovely family and friends had donated enough money to send one girl to school in Sierra Leone. Today is Friday, and I am feeling rather overwhelmed about how much can be achieved in one week. Commitment, community and generosity is amazing.

So this is what I say about me and my commitment…

I love to read books. I love to write blogs. I love to run. I love being empowered to make the decisions that affect my life. And I am about to turn 30.

For my birthday I don’t want presents or champagne. Instead, I am running a marathon in a school dress and asking all my mates to give $10 to help send girls to school in Sierra Leone.

I am running the Sydney Marathon on September 16th – which happens to also be my 30th Birthday. I want to turn 30, being fit, healthy and in control of my life. Things which would not have been possible without a good education.

Knowledge and education change the world and no-one should miss out on this. By wearing a school dress for the Sydney Marathon I am going to help give girls in Sierra Leone an education. The school days are never over, and for girls in Africa it has only just begun.

I am going to turn 30, being hot, sweaty, red-faced and thanks to an awesome community, being proud to have helped share the joy of education with deserving girls.

If a woman is educated, she is empowered to participate in political discussion, family decision making and be an active citizen in society. In Sierra Leone a girl is more likely to be sexually assaulted than go to school. Education can break the cycle of poverty and give a young girl the opportunity to take control of her life. I figure that is worth wearing a school dress for and if I need to run a marathon in it so that people take notice of me, then I can do that to. It’s a challenge but one that I am up for.

You can check out my profile page and if you have to feel like supporting me you can do that over  here too. Thanks!

Support Sarah‘s Do It In A Dress Marathon

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