Why I like excessive realness in our dynamic digital world.

Most of the time I like things that make life easier. Simpler. More organised. More efficient. Tram tracker, VISA pay wave, Evernote, elastic laces. All nice little creations that make it that much easier to get things done. But sometimes the best part about things are when you have to work for them. When you actually enjoy the process and don’t necessarily want it to pass by any quicker or be any less memorable.

I like peddling my bike and would never get one of those ones with the lawnmower motor. I like grinding my pepper and slicing my bread and the electronic version of both those items will never find a home in my kitchen. I like real herbs and spices and not the kind that come in a handy bottle and last way too long. I love loose leaf tea made in a pot and real coffee ground and brewed. Even though all their efficient new age cousins would save time and energy – I don’t want them.

The time that goes into riding my bike, cutting my bread, grinding my pepper and making my tea is time I enjoy.

I like being efficient and fitting lots in. But I don’t want all those everyday moments to go past so effortlessly and efficiently that they happen without me remembering them. Tired legs, wonky bread slices and tea leaves in my cup make me feel alive.

I live the rest of my life online, in a space that is evolving at such a rapid pace that I need the apps and tools in an attempt to keep up with it. I love the excitement of digital and the real time information flow and the ease of connection with social media. But sometimes so much happens. So fast. So easily.

Maybe this is why I like the excessive realness of my everyday moments.

They are nice little reminders that there is beauty in doing things slowly. That I can balance my life embedded in our evolving digital world by keeping the other parts driven by my own human effort. That not everything is dynamic and exciting but that some things stay the same. It’s kind of a relief.

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