Disconnected but 100% connected.

Last night I went and saw Dallas Green of City and Colour at the Palais in Melbourne. I was inspired by his voice and the venue, but today I have been thinking about his words.

He asked everyone to put their phones away. To disconnect from everything else happening simultaneously around the world. To forget about twitter updates, instagram filters and Facebook.

To stop trying to remember the moment so hard that you forget to live it.

People listened. The light of the iPhone screens went dark and we were all in the moment. It was beautiful. I felt the music. I absorbed the changing tones in his voice. I watched his fingers glide over the guitar. I heard the lady in front of me crack her neck. And I saw the moths flapping in the lights above the stage. I was 100% in the physical moment. My senses were sharp and it felt great.

I don’t have one photo of Dallas rocking on stage. And I am actually ok with that. 

I remember the night just as it was. Not with a filter or a hashtag.

Anyway if I do forget, I am only a google away from everyone else’s recollection of the evening.

I am going to try this more often. Disconnect myself from online so I am 100% connected to the physical moment. It’s kind of exhilarating.

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