Sleep tight: Think about what you have done, not what you haven’t.

At the moment I am feeling really busy. A little overwhelmed. A little challenged. Always slightly behind where I want to be. Not uncomfortably out of control but if I had a to do list it would be getting longer not shorter.

So conveniently enough today Steve blogged about getting things done  and making stuff happen. Handy. Just what I needed. He refers to the Getting Things Done methodology and books by David Allen. Which ironically enough is one of the three books that I currently have on the go…. something which I am sure breaks many of his rules about how to actually get things done. Carrying multiple half read books around in my bag, all niggling at the back of my mind to be finished. Not good.

But my favourite part of Steve’s post, and his concluding line, was to talk about the things that you have done, instead of the things that you haven’t.

So instead of going to sleep tonight thinking about all the jobs I have to follow up tomorrow, the friends that I didn’t call over the weekend, the run that I didn’t do, the house plans that are not out of council, the car that needs to be serviced, and the books that I haven’t finished. I am going to think about the wedding I made it to in Adelaide yesterday, the 18 blog posts I have written every day of March, the research papers I have handed in for my Masters, the learnings and insight I have already gained from my new job, the logo I designed for a side project and the website I am building for my Dad. I have done HEAPS! Awesome. Sleeping tight now. Thanks Steve.

One thought on “Sleep tight: Think about what you have done, not what you haven’t.

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