Make a mistake. Say sorry. Happy customer.

Everyone makes mistakes. Lots of individuals say sorry, however, I find that in the service industry, apologies are often in short supply.

Since I arrived at my hotel in San Francisco at the start of the week there have been a couple of little hiccups. Nothing major. Just an issue with payment and confusion over breakfast inclusion. A little frustrating but we figured it out and I moved on.

Then tonight when I arrived back to my room – oh what a surprise that was awaiting for me! A personal apology note and a bottle of red wine. Only one glass, which made me feel a little lonely… but hey, I am here for work, so I can definitely watch tv and crack a bottle of vino just for me. Here’s cheers to the Parc 55 Wyndham for acknowledging their mistake and providing a super apology.

A personal apology note and a tray of treats from the hotel = Happy customer


For the month of March I am writing a blog post every day as part of #b03. Thanks to Steve for the challenge.

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