Why would I blog every day in March? #b03

I have always been attracted to challenges. Whether it be run a marathon, cook a Jamie Oliver meal in 30 minutes, read Anna Karenina (now that was a looong book) or blog for 31 days straight. I am there. I will aim to straggle over the line with respect and a little impressiveness and then I will relax, reflect and wonder why I did it, how I could have done it better, and what I got out of it.

So I thought I would post what I hope to get out of the challenge (instigated by @stevehopkins & encouraged by @bryonycole) of blogging for 31 days straight.


To my environment. To my thoughts. To the constant change in my life. To the other 42 people blogging for the 31 days of March.


To share something worthwhile every day. To channel my thoughts into something that doesn’t only sound good in my head. To post at midday, every day, for 31 days.

Slightly overwhelmed

There is a fine balance between being overwhelmed and underwhelmed. Somewhere in between is where energy for great ideas and the momentum to get things done collide. I hope I land there with this challenge.


To post my thoughts, opinions, beliefs and values out in the public for response, debate and to sit there quietly unread too.

So day 1 down. Feeling connected, challenged, slightly overwhelmed and empowered. I like this blog-a-thon already.

6 thoughts on “Why would I blog every day in March? #b03

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