If you were a colour, what colour would you be…

Nothing like a simple, interactive campaign with small, set donations where you get something back to engage the masses. The new ‘Own a colour’ campaign by UNICEF and Dulux does just this. For one pound, you can purchase and name a colour. The money raised goes to UNICEF and they are aiming to name all 16.7 million colours. So far the money raised is just over £70,000.

Although it is more about getting to name a colour after your dog than giving money to UNICEF, it is great to see an innovative partnership.

The title ‘own a color’ sells the personal benefit, not the humanitarian one.

But there is nothing wrong with this. People are tired of hearing ‘save a life’, so tapping into the I-get-something-back mentality makes it work. There is an underlying connection of missions – Dulux ‘add colour to peoples lives’ and this campaign allows you to add colour to a child’s life. Nice. Check it out over here.

2 thoughts on “If you were a colour, what colour would you be…

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