Yes. Raquel makes #GoBackSBS and we made the radio.

Yesterday we suggested that Go Back to Where you Came From becomes compulsory viewing for all Australians. That one of the biggest issues fuelling the ‘boat people’ debate is the lack of education. Through mainstream programming of the show it has the ability to humanise asylum seekers and give the public real insight into what it means to be a refugee.

The post generated a sea of chatter and yesterday afternoon we were contacted by 720 ABC Perth to discuss the idea of compulsory viewing and the interest #GoBackSBS is generating online.  @BryonyCole did a stellar job and you can listen to her interview over here.

The strength of the show lies in the mix of the characters.

As much as we may not like to admit, this handful of Australians does well to represent the majority. My brother summed it up superbly.

“At least Raquel stands by her convictions unlike the other wind socks who are shedding a tear with the refugees one minute then chasing them out of the bushes with batten yielding immigration police the next. Raquel is pretty full on and a bit of a sissy, but she is the only honest one there and is spot on with her comments regarding fixing the problem at the source. She does more for the show by raising the points she does in the way she does, although they may be difficult to swallow.”

Although where was Raquel in the ads for tonight…

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